• Vocals recording and mixing
  • Pitch-correction of the vocal track
  • Live band recording and mixing (up to 22 recording channels)
  • Track recording
  • Drums and percussions recording and mixing
  • Drums recording editing
  • Instrument recording (on-location recording)
  • Professional musicians and composers selection
  • Voice actors selection
  • Vocal tutors selection

We have technical ability to record live band with up to 22 channels of simultaneous recording. Experiences sound engineer is available at all stages of work.

Our clients

Оркестр Че, Pur:Pur, Wise Guys, Захар Май, Кривоструй, KAssiopeia, Dance Party Dance! Dance!, Собаки в космосе, Creamwave, Happy Time, Jah Pre, Driben, 100pudoff, Manhattan Bridge, Roy Crank, Состояние Души, Пасхальное Шествие, Леонид Ланской (ХоП), Александр Кварта, Мария Чайковская,  and others.

примеры аудио музыкантов харьков

Budget of the project depends on the time spend on the project or for the minute of the completed product. In case of per studio-hour charging the client covers studio time spent on the completion of the project. In case of per product-minute charging the final price depends on the complexity of the work and every project is discussed individually. The budget of some projects can be set in advance. Please contact us in a convenient way for you whenever you have any further questions.