Sound for video is a very common type of work. The range of work usually includes voice and dialogue recording as well as soundtrack creation. Soundtrack may be pre-recorded or originally created with sound effects and music theme. All synchronization is done in accordance with the time code. We can help with voice actors selection and can create the product in accordance with technical description of the project. We have huge experience in working remotely and can perform work swiftly within required timelines.


  • Voice and dialogue recording for a completed video with editing, mixing and production (Automated dialogue replacement);
  • Sound for audio and video podcasts
  • Audio advertising recording
  • Audio for web ads
  • Audio for video clips and ads
  • Sound design services
  • Audio for games
  • Production of voice menus for call-centers and voice greetings for automatic phone answering
  • Audio books and audio workbooks production
  • Online mastering and remastering
  • Mixing, editing and mastering services

You can check some of our projects in ‘Our project section with ‘post-production’ filter applied.

Budget of the project depends on the time spend on the project or for the minute of the completed product. In case of per studio-hour charging the client covers studio time spent on the completion of the project. In case of per product-minute charging the final price depends on the complexity of the work and every project is discussed individually. The budget of some projects can be set in advance. Please contact us in a convenient way for you whenever you have any further questions.